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United States of America vs Aneudy Gonzalez

Jan 20, 2020 | Press, Criminal Charges, Marijuana

United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Amarillo Division

Case Number 2:19-cr-00190




The Indictment


Our Brief on Probable Cause


The Dismissal

Oops! Cops backtrack after touting big marijuana bust

Truck driver considers suit against Texas cops after wrongful stops for hemp

He spent a month in Texas jail accused of hauling 3,350 pounds of marijuana. But lab results say it was legal hemp.

Feds realize a jailed man’s 3,000 pounds of ‘marijuana’ isn’t pot, Texas lawyer says


Hemp Driver Freed After a Month in Texas Jail



Case dismissed after 3,350 pounds of hemp in U-Haul mistaken for marijuana


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Infamous Pot Lawyer Opens Wide Loophole Encouraging Interstate Transportation of the Devil’s Lettuce

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3,350 Pounds of Hemp Seized From U-Haul Was Mistaken for Marijuana

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Man arrested for marijuana; lab results shows it was legal hemp

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Driver Transporting 3,350 Pounds of Hemp Falsely Arrested After Officers Mistake It for Marijuana

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Mehler’s Texas Hemp Case Officially Trending on Twitter

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3,350 lbs. of ‘marijuana’ found during Texas traffic stop actually legal hemp



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Man arrested for felony possession of marijuana has case dismissed

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Texas hemp case likely to end with lawsuit

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Charges Dropped for Man that Got Busted in Texas With Over Three Thousand Pounds of Legal Hemp

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Case against man found with 3,300 pounds of marijuana dismissed


Hombre de Florida arrestado en Amarillo por transportar más de 3,000 libras de marihuana

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Texas Troopers Mistake Hemp for Marijuana

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