The Dopest Lawyer In Town®

Whether he’s attending a cannabis industry event in Medellin – donning a bright marijuana-green suit with an all-over pot leaf print or standing (more formally) in front of a federal judge on behalf of a client who was wrongly accused of transporting legal hemp, Daniel Mehler never cared too much about fitting in.

His flourishing legal career started exclusively in criminal defense, especially taking cases for clients who’ve been accused of marijuana offenses.

In Mehler’s words,

I will always defend users of cannabis. My heart lies in defending innocent people. And I think that passion comes from my teenage years, being that kid who was in his parent’s basement smoking with an exhaust fan, just trying to not get caught.

But once the Hemp Bill passed and brought with it economic opportunities to cannabis enthusiasts in his state of Texas, Mehler knew he could bring his legal chops to the business world as well.

Now he’s offering CBD, hemp and cannabis business legal consulting for clients across the country.

I had a chance to speak with Dan about his experience in marijuana defense law, what he sees ahead for the cannabis industry and his advice for entrepreneurs looking to get started in the business…

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