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Recent Victories

NOT GUILTY – Felony Theft 1/19/17

Daniel Mehler and Megan Roper combined for a not guilty in the 144th District Court on a felony theft case. After a vigorous cross examination, several jurors told us the state simply did not produce enough credible evidence for a conviction. Another great win!

Dismissed – Harassment – 6/20/2016

Our client is off the hook for harassment in Bexar County. Confronted with the defense’s evidence, the state chose to dismiss. We're thrilled to chalk up another win for our clients.

Dismissed – DWI – 6/7/2016

Our client was charged with DWI - 1st, a class B misdemeanor in the State of Texas.  Facing up to 180 days in the county jail and a fine of up to $2,000, our client elected to fight all the way to trial.  We showed up ready to fight and the state did not.  Case...